We are so excited to recognize the extraordinary Susan Carter as our
Bloomingsales Woman of the Week!
If you have met Susan, also known as Mama Sue you know what an inspiring person she is. She is courageous and kind. She is strong and graceful. She leads her life with love, and in doing so motivates everyone around her to live life to the fullest.
She is an outstanding mother who has raised a family that exemplifies to everyone that the love we have for each other is more powerful than any outer force. Her family and friends describe her as faithful, loving, motherly, strong, funny, gorgeous, and one of a kind!
Favorite Flower: She loves all flowers!
Favorite Restaurant: Oasis Café
Favorite Band: Earth, wind and fire
Favorite Activities: Yoga, dancing, work out classes at body wise, family time, gardening, traveling, and going out with her girlfriends
Susan was nominated by her darling family and friends, and they had these words to share:
"Truly a mother and friend to anyone and everyone she meets. Mama Sue is filled with endless love and compassion for life and everyone around her. She loves to take care of other people and finds joy in building others up. She has endured so much these past few months, yet still continues to be a rock for her family and spread light and happiness into the lives of others. A sincerely deserved recognition for this ONE OF A KIND wife, mother, and friend! Thank you for being YOU Mama Sue. You make our world and community a better place. We are SO blessed and honored to have an angel like you around!! Dad is so proud of you. Woman of the Week we LOVE YOU!"
Love and Kia Kaha,
Your family and friends
We are so amazed by you Susan! Thank you for inspiring so many everyday by being you! Bloomingsales believes you exemplify what it means to Always Be Blooming, and we are honored to have you as our Woman of the Week!
As a gift from our Bloomingsales Team for being so incredible and inspiring women everywhere we have a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers for you to pick up this Saturday September 20th, at our Foothill Store location:
1358 Foothill Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
They will be held under your name.
Congrats to our beautiful Woman of the Week Susan Carter!
Always Be Blooming 

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